When the skies are this good, you stop dolling up to go out on the town and you shoot a @10_bare_all sesh!

So what is a BARE ALL session anyway? Well, the truth is.. it’s developing.. it’s a little different for everyone.. it’s about seeing yourself as ART -BODY and SOUL-.  Digging below the surface of your day to day. It’s beauty,  it’s sensual, it’s fun, it’s laughing at yourself, it’s SHAMELESS, it’s seeing different shades of you that hide away or never really knew you could be or maybe it’s a YOU that you’ve forgotten. It’s an artist dressing a model and saying GO ! Feel who you are, just as you are and facing it all saying YES . .. ok  and learning to love even the most awkward parts of it all.

So why?? What is it about BAREing all? Again.. I think everyone takes a little something different away from the self reflective process.. but I know in my life, through my own self portraiture.. I feel different, and see myself with a greater love and acceptance. Back when I took The Wild heart Workshop with Candice at The Blissful Maven, part of the class involved shooting for a feeling and what moves you.. so I decided to do self portraits each of the four weeks.. and i learned SO much about myself. It was what exactly what i needed at the time .. and still is something I like to do for whatever reason.  Someday I’ll share more about those, because they have been such an integral part of how my photography journey is growing… but the underlying theme I’ve identified at least so far and with myself is to decide to face the fear, lay aside the ego and go for it.

In a society that profits from your self doubt
liking yourself is a rebellious act.

— Rachel Brathen 

That’s the kind of rebellion I will fight for. Fuck it. Who cares anyway? I’m doing this for ME! and Why the hell not?  Silencing the negative self talk and breaking the boxes that society traps you in.. Fighting fear and shame with ART.. featuring YOU as the gorgeous ART that you are! It’s brave..  it’s a battle.. and it’s powerful.

  • Mom said:


    This is so well written and beautiful. Some day I need to do one of these photo shoots. I love it all! Everything you said and the reasons why! You're a rockstar.

    Love you so much.

    • brittny said:

      Thank you!! Love you too!! and you bet!! whenever you're ready!!

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